Penance: Now available for pre-order!

Cover_for_The_Gift:_PenanceI feel like a hungry bear emerging from its cave, blinking up into the light after a long brutal winter, bewildered and clutching a newborn cub. That cub is the fourth book in The Gift Legacy series, Penance, and it is now available for pre-order on Amazon and Smashwords. Placing a pre-order puts you at the front of the queue and the book will be delivered to you immediately upon release, May 30th.

After release, Penance will be available in print and ebook at all the usual outlets.

The process of bringing Penance into the light of day has challenged me to the core, and the last two months in particular have tested my sanity. So I’m taking a break to recharge my batteries. First up is a visit to Vancouver to attend the Creative Ink Festival on April 25. When I return, I’m packing my bags for a trip to Spain. I’ve never been and can’t wait. Sight-seeing and people-watching are rich fodder for the imagination, and I’ll be taking notes along with plenty of photos. Mmm, I can almost taste the sangria.

If you’d rather stay home, you can visit the West Coast through Emelynn’s eyes in The Gift Awakening, available with one click right here.
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Cover Reveal: Penance

Penance for mail chimp cover revealComing fresh on the heels of Penance‘s sneak peek premiere on The South Branch Scribbler, I am thrilled to present the cover for the fourth book in The Gift Legacy series.

This is The Gift: Penance.

It’s been months in the making and once again, graphic artist, Viona Halim, has designed a cover that not only reflects the book’s ominous mood, but she has also captured the setting beautifully with a watercolour scene from beneath the Granville Street Bridge in Vancouver, British Columbia. And if you look carefully, you’ll find Emelynn in her cover debut.

Deadly Games …

Coerced into a deal with International Covert Operations to protect the secrecy of her gift, Emelynn Taylor goes undercover to unravel a dangerous drug ring. But who’s chasing whom? Stalked by an ancient and dangerous society … Intimidated by devious law-enforcers … Threatened by friends—old and new … Can Em play this new deadly game and navigate her way to safe shores?

Available for pre-order this April.

If you’d like to be the first to know when Penance is available, sign up for my newsletter here. I don’t bitewell, not big bites. I never share your email details, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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The Scribbler Features Penance Today

Each Friday, Allan Hudson features “SHORT STORIES. GUEST WRITERS. 4Q INTERVIEWS. ITEMS OF SIGNIFICANCE” on the South Branch Scribbler.

Today, I’m proud to say, he’s featuring Penance. And … he has the first sneak peek at it. Go on—I know you want to check it out!

Penance on the South Branch Scribbler

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Playing Whack-A-Mole with a Trilogy

Spring-DaffodilsEvery time I sit down to write this post, another trilogy whack-a-mole pops up and I race off in search of my mallet. Those “moles” are hidden in more cubby holes than I’d imagined, though I shouldn’t be surprised, after all, I put them there.

I’m referring to the “trilogy” descriptor I used liberally to describe The Gift books when they were, in fact, a trilogy. Now that the fourth book, The Gift: Penance, is approaching the starting blocks, the terminology is decidedly inaccurate. Hence, I’ve started the process of switching out “trilogy” for “legacy.”

I thought about all the places I’d used “trilogy,” and made a list. There were the obvious spots, like this blog, the website and Goodreads. Then I looked at Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Mustn’t forget Wattpad and Library Thing. Oh, and LinkedIn.

2015 CrocusesOkay, I thought … I can do this.

Oops, forgot about my author page on Amazon, which sent me scurrying back to look at my author page on Goodreads. And wait, I’d made a note to change the wording in Facebook, but what about the header picture—that had to change. Do I even remember how to do that? Then I noticed the tagline in my email signature, which lead to the realization that my business cards are now outdated. Along with the posters I use at book signings. And the back of the book blurbs.

Oh crap! Pretty much all of the promo material I’ve ever prepared has to be changed. This is going to take a lot longer than I thought.

I suppose the silver lining in all of this is that the Gift’s book information has spread as far and wide as it has. The not-so-silver lining is that I’ll be whacking moles for a long time yet.

Spring-Snow-DropsWith that in mind, I’d appreciate it if you’d tell me if you come across any of my “trilogy” lingo on your cyber travels. I just know I’m going to miss something. (Anyone who misses a fourth book sneaking into a trilogy is going to miss something—and it’ll probably be big.)

I’ve got a spare mallet. If you’d like a whack, and want to know what started this whole trilogy mess, you can get The Gift: Awakening with one click right here.
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Sitting Yourself To Death

Is it just me, or have you noticed an increasing number of blog posts about the dangers of prolonged sitting? The warnings would be easier to ignore if I wasn’t guilty of getting so caught up in my writing that sometimes I don’t even notice how long I’ve been sitting until I lose daylight. Even then, I’ve been known to carry on and type by the light of the laptop. When I finally cave in and stand up, my back cracks, my hips creak and I pinch a nerve in my neck reaching for the light switch.

That’s not good.

I need to be more mindful of my health if I want to keep it, so I’m making some changes.

Standing_Work_StationOne of the things I’m doing to get moving is to write standing up. Lucky for me, we have a bar between our kitchen and dining room that’s at the perfect height. It’s a remarkably comfortable writing position.

I’m also spending more time at our local gym, though I must say, motivating myself to get there is an issue, and I’ve learned that dressing for the gym doesn’t necessarily equate to making it to the gym.


Molly and Monti

Something that doesn’t require much motivation, is taking long walks. We have a number of great trails on the island and Molly is only too happy to accompany me as long as the rain isn’t torrential and the winds aren’t howling (okay, so it’s me who doesn’t like being out in the rain and wind. Those are gym days…sometimes).

A-walk-in-the-parkWalking has the added bonus of loosening stubborn writing knots. On today’s walk, for example, I was mulling over of a new story idea I’ve been teasing out. I’d been having trouble with the motivation for one of the characters. Their motivation is pivotal and without it, the story falls apart. By the time I got back to the trail head, the motivation I’d been seeking, along with a cascading shower of supporting ideas, dropped out of the ether.

The moment I got home, I drafted a synopsis for a completely new book idea. Of course, I was sitting on my butt while I typed it, but at least I’d been out for a walk.

How do you get your butt out of your chair?

When you’re back from your walk, reward your good behaviour by curling up with a book. You can get Awakening with one click right here.
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On Sideways Rain and Writing

Winter_stormThe winds are howling again today, which means our Internet is out, the power is threatening to call it quits, and the rain is coming at us sideways. I’m not complaining; stormy days without the Internet are perfect for distraction-free writing. Well…if you don’t count fir cones pelting down on the steel roof as distractions.

I’m re-visiting Awakening. This time I’m writing from Jackson Delaney’s perspective. He was one of Emelynn Taylor’s love interests in The Gift. Looking at the same story from another character’s perspective is an interesting exercise. The treatment is referred to as Rashomon, named after a film by the same name directed by Akira Kurosawa.

The Rashomon effect refers to contradictory versions of the same event. I’m taking some liberties with my Rashomon treatment. Jackson’s perspective is not contradictory, and the time frame is not identical, but his version will reveal information neither the reader nor Emelynn would have been privy to when Awakening unfolded. It’s giving me an opportunity to fill out Jackson’s world with the characters and circumstances that motivated his actions in Awakening.

It’s been fun to write from the male perspective for a change, but its a challenge. I’m constantly weighing Jackson’s observations and thoughts for believability. In my experience, men use different and fewer words to describe objects, scents and sounds. Their frame of reference is different. I need those differences to colour Jackson’s voice so that he springs off the page.

Seagulls_playing_in_the_windSpeaking of which, Jackson’s calling, so I must go before we really do lose power. The storm outside isn’t letting up. Each time I look up from the keyboard, another seagull soars past. It looks like they’re playing in the wind, riding it like a roller coaster. At times they hang mid-air as they spread their wings into the force of it. Wish I could fly like that.

Until next time…

Stormy days are perfect for curling up with a book. You can download Awakening in the blink of an eye with one click here.
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Christmas and Odds & Sods

Fireplace_at_ChristmasMiraculously, five days before Christmas, I find myself in the position of having some free time. Not sure how that happened. Somehow the parcels got wrapped, mailed, bagged, and tagged; the vacuum and dust mitt performed a slap and dash; the decorations made it out of the crawl space; and the meals planned themselves.

So I’m sitting here on my duff with a glass of wine in hand and the computer in my lap, and it occurred to me that I probably owe you all an update!

But before I get to that, I’d like to take a moment to say thank you. Your enthusiasm for these characters and this story is heartwarming. Writing is often a solitary venture and every time I hear from one of you, it makes my day. Truly. Thanks for that.

And so…Book IV, titled Penance, has been through the first round of beta readers and is now in the capable hands of intrepid story editor, Nina Munteanu. When she sends it back, I’ll incorporate her comments, and then send it out to the second wave of beta readers. After their comments are folded in, it’ll go to the copy editor. Finally, another beta read and then off to the proof-reader. When those tweaks are done, it’ll be ready to publish. It may seem like an arduous journey but believe me, all those extra eyes will make for a much better story!

Meantime, Viona Halim, has been working on the cover art, which will, once again, originate with a photo. This time the photo was taken on Granville Island, where pivotal scenes in Book IV take place. Viona will edit the photo and then paint it to achieve the same ominous “feel” to it that the others have.

At the same time, I’m working on the back cover blurb, summaries, tag lines, book marks and other promotional material. I’m writing press releases for the spring launch and seeking pre-release reviews (wink, nudge, hint-hint). If you are interested in receiving an e-copy of Penance for review, please let me know. Reviews that are posted to coincide with the book’s release are better than balloon rides, rum in your egg nog and snow on Christmas!

Also, I decided to offer the first three books of the Gift Legacy in a “boxed set” format for the eBook market, starting with Kindle. Viona Halim has prepared a phenomenal cover for the boxed set, which I can’t wait to share with you. For the first time, I’m trying my hand at formatting this edition myself. I’m not the most tech-savvy person, so wish me luck. If the challenge proves too much, I’ll have to hire the expertise.

And then, because apparently I should be offering a nugget to entice readers to sign up for my newsletter (which, sadly, I’ve been neglecting), I’ve been writing a give-away short story. I’m quite excited about it because it’s Jackson’s story. Those of you who’ve read Awakening, will want to read this. It’s Awakening, from Jackson’s viewpoint. Not the whole story, of course, that would be another whole book, but I’ve started pre-Emelynn at the point where Jackson’s father dies, unexpectedly, and will likely take it to the point where Jackson meets Emelynn, which is where Awakening takes over. For those of you who are/were Jackson fans and want to know more about him and especially what motivated his behaviour in Awakening, (you know what I’m talking about!) I think you’ll find this Rashomon treatment compelling.

Of course, I’m still jotting down ideas for the continuation of Emelynn’s story in yet another adventure with Sam Jordan, James Moss and hmm, well…not sure who else might make an appearance in Book V, but it’s sure to be exciting. If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them.

All the best, from our house to yours, over this holiday season. Cheers!

If you have no idea what I’m going on about, you need to get a copy of Awakening right now! You can order the trade paperback for $18 and change from Chapters/Indigo right here
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My Storage War

Fall is the season for burrowing in. We pull out the winter woollies and move the summer clothes to storage. Warm flannelette replaces crisp cotton, stew replaces salad, and the deck furniture gets scrubbed and put into storage.

By put into storage, I mean I stuff it into our crawl space, which is four feet high, give or take a pinch, but it’s warm and dry. Did I mention the height? Maybe when I was younger my noggin was tougher and the occasional head bang didn’t hurt so much. My back was probably stronger too – more flexible.

This year I managed to get half the furniture stored before I bonked my head. My auto response was a spasm-inducing spine-lurch and enough four-letter words to clear the air in the crawl space. That’s when I made the executive decision that this would be the last year I played this contortionist game.


Four-bay Garage

Off I went in search of a solution. I should have known better. It’s not that we don’t have alternative storage space it’s that none of it’s available. Hard to believe considering the four-bay garage, the two-bay tractor shed, the RV shelter, the boat shed, the beach shed, the wood shed, the pump house and the outhouse.


Tractor Shed

How is it possible we have NO free storage space? Even if I scratch the outhouse, wood shed and pump house from the list, we still have nine bays worth of space. NINE! Canadian Tire should be so lucky! When did we collect enough stuff to fill nine bays with no room left over for the deck furniture?


Boat Shed

It boggles my mind, but there’s nothing to be done for it: I’m not doing the crawl-space limbo one more time. So this afternoon I pulled out a measuring tape to figure out how big a shed we’d need to house the deck furniture.



Beach Shed

Number ten, here we come! I can’t believe it. If we ever decide to go into the shed business, we won’t have to build the samples. Oh wait…I think we’re already there.

I’m happy to offer a storage-friendly digital version of The Gift: Awakening. Get your copy for Kindle with one click here. (Now just $4.07 US/$4.61 Cdn.)
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Wanted: Distractions

Colourful-selection-of-squashThese beautiful squash jumped into my car the other day when I was visiting Piercy’s farm. They were so beautiful, I couldn’t resist. It’s not like I run a home for wayward squash, but I am a sucker for fall colours, and they do perk up the porch.

They’ll eventually end up in my oven, which makes me feel a bit like the cannibalistic witch in Hansel and Gretel, but I’ll live with the guilt. In fact, we’ve already devoured the spaghetti squash and the others will be baked until the sugars caramelize around the edges into brown bits of crunchy heaven.

Why, you might ask, am I going on about squash? I have a good reason – I need the distraction.

You see, I finished writing the first draft of Book IV almost three weeks ago and I’m determined to leave it alone for another week: no peeking, no tweaking.

Yikes! A whole month.

I don’t think I’ve ever stayed away from these characters for that long. But the next part of the process is the first edit, and I know I’ll do a better job of it if I can distance myself from it, which is easier said than done. For months, I’ve spent every day with these characters and without them, there’s a gaping hole in my day — a hole I need to fill with distractions.

I’ve already cleaned the house, I’ve groomed the dog, and I’m up to date with the programs I had on the PVR. I’ve returned to the gym (sadly out of shape, I’m afraid) and caught up with friends over leisurely lunches and coffee dates.

I tackled the gardens. It’s a good thing it’s been a great fall — warmer and drier than usual, and I took advantage of the extended season to take care of those outdoor chores that should have been done months ago. That’s one of the downsides to writing – you have to give up some things to make time to write. Anyway, I’ve rather enjoyed getting dirt under my fingernails again and filling up the composters.

Now the rains have started and I’m back inside…studiously avoiding the characters who lurk dangerously close to this blog. One more week…

Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate this weekend.

If you’re looking for a distraction, give yourself The Gift: Awakening with one simple click here.
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On Writing ‘The End’


Pivotal scenes in Book IV are set on Granville Island

I finished writing the first draft of the fourth book in my Gift series last week. The process didn’t end with a thunder clap and popped cork, like I’d hoped. More like a wet splat with cold tea.

Why? I have no idea, but it did make me think about how I’d felt when I finished writing the other three books.

The first one was a shock. I actually Googled whether or not to type “the end” or let it be assumed. I remember sitting there with a grin on my face for ten minutes before I told the cave master. The second one snuck up on me, coming sooner than I anticipated, and pulled me along in its wake. The third…ah, the third. I loved the third one. Saw it coming a mile away and enjoyed every last second of writing it, and then I celebrated full out with a lovely bottle of Amarone. It was the end of the trilogy, after all, no small feat.

But this fourth book of the trilogy (yes, I know…arithmetic isn’t my strong suit) has been a marathon right from the start. I’m not sure why. I had a rough outline, so I knew where it began and I had a handful of the in between scenes. I also knew where it ended, but still, it was a tough slog getting it out.

That could be why typing “the end” on this one left me out of wind. For a day or two afterward, I felt bluesy and out of sorts, and ever since, I’ve been bumping around the house in a daze I’m only now coming out of.

I celebrated the accomplishment a few nights later with my better half and a dirty martini, straight up, three olives, half vodka, half gin. I’m happy to report, though it may have been late and low-key, it was a pretty good ending!

What to know how Book I ends? You can buy The Gift: Awakening right now, with one simple click here.
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