Boxed Sets Now Available

Boxed Set 3D Cover of Books I-III

As we settle into fall, I’m catching up on some long-overdue projects. The first of which was putting out the Gift Legacy series in ebook boxed sets.

There are two options available: A three-book set, or two 2-volume sets. Splitting them this way gives readers a wider choice, and it gives me the pricing flexibility I need. With the 3-book boxed set, you’ll get one of the books for 99¢. With the 2-book sets, you’ll get the 2nd book for half price. You can click the covers to purchase.

Twin-set 3D cover of Books 1 & 2

Twin-set 3D cover of Books III & IV

Next up is organizing a sale! Stay tuned for details, and news on the next book in the series, The Gift: Betrayal.

Are you ready for fall? How about a sale?

If you’re not sure, download a sample, or try the first book, Awakening with one click right here. But be careful! I hear they’re addictive. And if you’re not into ebooks or boxed sets, click on the images below for more purchase options.

   Cover_for_Revelation   WindStorm_Edition_Book_Cover_For_The_Gift:_Redemption   The_Gift:_Penance_Book_Cover

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Crawling into the Twenty-first Century

Cell phones are like leaf blowers to me: convenient, but obnoxious as hell. Call me Cro-magnon, but I’ve never seen the appeal of being reachable 24/7.

I resisted having one until a road-side breakdown in 2000 convinced me I should. I have to admit, the flip phone’s come in handy since moving to a ferry-dependent island. Some months I rack up five or six minutes.

My cell phonesI’ve watched the smart-phone revolution from the sidelines, fascinated and horrified by pouting selfies, thumb-obsessed diners and throngs of commuters watching their shoes.

On the upside, it’s hard to argue against the convenience of an e-reader, a GPS and the Internet, portable and at my fingertips.

So, I finally broke down and bought one. I haven’t yet figured out how to get my contacts into it, and I still prefer talking to someone over doing the thumb dance, but give me ten years I’ll get there. I’m already enjoying the convenience of catching up with Twitter and Facebook while on the ferry, and I love being able to share “in the moment” pics from live events, like when I attended When Words Collide in Calgary.

Toasted Tomato SandwichBut be warned! Pic-sharing convenience has a dark side. Last week I shared a piece of art I wish I hadn’t. Okay, it felt like art at the time, but it was my lunch. I’ve since crawled back up that slippery slope, but I have nightmares of making fish lips and snapping selfies in the bathroom.

Have you taken a slide down that slippery slope?

If you’re into modern conveniences, you might enjoy an ebook version of Awakening. You can get a copy with one click right here. Be careful though – I’ve been told it’s addictive.
Or click on the images below for more purchase options.

New_cover_for_The_Gift:_Awakening   Cover_for_Revelation   WindStorm_Edition_Book_Cover_For_The_Gift:_Redemption   The_Gift:_Penance_Book_Cover

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The Freight Train Called Summer

Beach timeSummer is thundering by like a freight train, leaving backyard parties and BBQs in the din of its wake. Thankfully, it still has a full head of steam with miles of summer ground yet to travel. And what a glorious summer it’s been so far, with good company, an abundant fruit crop, and plenty of fresh salmon.

BlackberriesLiving on Denman Island with roadside produce stands and a thriving Saturday market, we mark the passing season by which fruit crop is ripening. First came the cherries, then the loganberries and blueberries. We started picking blackberries a week ago, about the same time the transparent apples started falling from the trees, and yesterday we harvested the apricots.

Apricot bowlHappily, the abundance doesn’t stop there. In book news, I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Karen Oberlaender. Check out our conversation in her short and snappy “Ten Statements” format. It’s a crafty cheat sheet for authors. And yesterday, I learned of two new five-star reviews. One for Revelation here, and another for Redemption here. The next book in the Gift Legacy series, The Gift: Betrayal, is currently in the hands of Nina Munteanu, editor extraordinaire, and while I await its return, I’ve started on the cover.

Abundance all around, and I couldn’t be more grateful. With thanks…

How is your summer playing out?

Need something to read while swinging lazily in the hammock? Pick up Awakening with one click right here!
Or click on the images below for more purchase options.

New_cover_for_The_Gift:_Awakening   Cover_for_Revelation   WindStorm_Edition_Book_Cover_For_The_Gift:_Redemption   The_Gift:_Penance_Book_Cover

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20 Questions with J.P. McLean

Don Massenzio is interviewing me on his blog today. His 20-questions format is a great way to get to know someone, and a lot of fun. Thanks, Don!

Don Massenzio's Blog

Today, we sit down with Canadian Author of The Gift Legacy Series, J.P. McLean. She has a very interesting background and is going to share it with us along with her influences,  a bit about her life away from writing and an exciting excerpt from the upcoming book in her series.

Please enjoy this edition of 20 Questions.

JPMcLean Author Headshot for DMassenzio Q1) When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

So often, I hear writers say they knew when they were very young that they wanted to write. It wasn’t like that for me, though I do remember thinking writing would be an idyllic occupation for someone fortunate enough to not have to leave home every day to work in a ‘regular’ job.

Q2) How long does it typically take you to write a book?

Sometimes the ideas run around in my head for much longer, but when I start…

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The Gift: Revelation (The Gift Legacy, #2) by J.P. McLean

Karen Oberlaender takes a look at The Gift: Revelation on her blog, My train of thoughts on…

My train of thoughts on...

Gift_Legacy_2_The author sent me an ARC of this book (epub format) in exchange for an honest review.

My rating:  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

(by Goodreads)

Dangerous Alliances …

In Revelation, Emelynn Taylor learns the true portent of a gift she can barely control, and there’s no turning back. Her discovery of an ancient tome unlocks dangerous secrets and a connection to her past she had never imagined.

Now those secrets are unravelling and Emelynn is thrust into the eye of a storm as two powerful factions clash: one with claims on her, and another with a Machiavellian plan and Emelynn at its brutal centre.

Emelynn forms an uneasy alliance with a dangerous man she must learn to trust … and then she must risk everything to save her covey.

Genre(s): Paranormal and Urban Fantasy, Suspense
Series: The Gift Legacy, #2
Length: 321 pages
Release date: 2015-12-18


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Molly Bids Adieu

Molly_close-upWe said goodbye to our sweet Miss Molly yesterday. If I ever make it to those pearly gates, I’m going to have a word with someone about the lifespan of dogs. It’s far too short and I’m not sure my heart can take any more holes.

Good Golly Miss Molly Dolly Lama left us just three months shy of her sixteenth birthday. She chased a ball and acted like a puppy right up until her last day.

Her gentle demeanour and big brown eyes won everyone over, and she never lost that wonderful sense of curiosity that kept us on our toes, and often had us laughing.

As a young dog, she had an affinity for socks and underthings. No one escaped her radar, especially visitors. If left alone with open guestroom doors, she’d collect bras and underwear, and proudly display them in the living room for all to see. Returning your guests’ underwear is one of those unique experiences you never imagined, when you brought your furball home.

Molly_with_big_boneWhen she got released from the twelve-step undergarment program, she got hooked on shoes. If we left her alone, she’d gather an oddball collection and keep them safe on the bed. She even managed to carry one of  John’s dusty, steel-toed boots, complete with the unopened one-litre water bottle he’d shoved inside, up to the bed in the 5th wheel when we lived in Mexico.

She was a cookie hound, which made her easy to train, and she unabashedly performed rollovers, indiscriminately shook paws, and begged with the best of them for the promise of a treat.

She could turn on the cute with a smile and a blink of her lashes, and was happy to show visitors her cookie jar. She’d adopt her most earnest look and gaze between the mark and her cookie jar, which usually shook free a cookie or two.


Soozie & Molly

Other dogs and cats, however, weren’t fooled by the cute factor. They knew if Molly visited them, she would beeline it for their chow, and she didn’t discriminate by brand or species. She’d clean out a budgie’s dish if she could reach it.

But she was also generous, and never minded sharing her own food dish, treats, beds or toys.

She’s the dog who sensed when you were sick or sad, and stayed close to keep you company.

We feel very fortunate to have had Molly’s company for so long. The house feels very empty without her, but we know she’s romping with her sister Soozie now, and having a terrific time meeting all the other pets and snarfing up an endless supply of tasty treats.

Safe travels, little girl.


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You know that feeling?

Crabby_PantsLike you’ve been shot from a cannon, stumble to your feet, and then catch your breath as you look about and wonder, “What now?” Yeah, that feeling.

I’ve been working on Book V of the Gift Legacy series for a year and a half (had to go look that up), and on Tuesday, I wrote the final scene. Since then, I’ve been fumbling around not quite sure what I’m supposed to be doing.

Yellow_HoneysuckleDon’t get me wrong – there’s no shortage of editing, re-writing, and writing to do, and let’s not get started on house cleaning, weeding, laundry, etc. (no really – let’s not get started!), but after eighteen months of concentrating on this one project, having it done feels … I don’t know … airy.

WisteriaEach time I finish writing a book, it feels different. I wrote about it here. I feel good about this one. Optimistic. Excited.

I think I’ll take a week off and play in the garden. I might even clean the windows so I can see the garden when I get back to writing.

Book V is called The Gift: Betrayal. It’s Jackson Delaney’s story. I’ll tell you all about it next time. If you’ll excuse me, I hear the garden calling …

And what better way to enjoy your garden, than from a hammock reading your own copy of Awakening, the book that started it all? Get it with one click right here!
Or click on the images below for more purchase options.

New_cover_for_The_Gift:_Awakening   Cover_for_Revelation   WindStorm_Edition_Book_Cover_For_The_Gift:_Redemption   The_Gift:_Penance_Book_Cover

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Would you get married on Friday the 13th?

Superstition holds that Friday the 13th is the unluckiest of days, but is it?


Jean & Carl McLean April 13, 1956

I know one couple who would disagree, at least as far as weddings are concerned, and they tell me they had their pick of church and reception venue bookings for that unluckiest of days.

That couple is Jean and Carl McLean, who were married sixty years ago on Friday, April 13, 1956.

The life they’ve lead isn’t extraordinary. They worked hard, played hard, raised four children, and paid off cars and mortgages along the way. What is extraordinary is the love and respect they share, despite the hardships and challenges they’ve endured.

To this day, my father is incorrigible where my mother is concerned, and throughout our childhood, my siblings and I rolled eyes in witness to their smooching and stolen pinches. I can’t even say “when they thought we weren’t looking” because they were and still are, unabashedly, in love.


Jean & Carl McLean, April 13, 2016

It was a privilege to be there to help them celebrate their diamond anniversary … a celebration that spanned several days, thanks to some clandestine sibling planning, and the company of family and good friends.

Thank you to everyone who had a hand in the planning, execution and celebration.

Congratulations, Mom and Dad. Love you lots!

The Gift Legacy recently received some fabulous 5-star reviews. See what the fuss is about. Get your own copy of Awakening with one click right here!
Or click on the images below for more purchase options.

New_cover_for_The_Gift:_Awakening   Cover_for_Revelation   WindStorm_Edition_Book_Cover_For_The_Gift:_Redemption   The_Gift:_Penance_Book_Cover

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A Spring Update … and Bleating Lambs

Lambs #2Warm days with the kiss of summer test my resolve to keep my butt in the writer’s chair. Across the road, the bleat of new lambs draws me to the fence to try to catch a glimpse of their antics. Today I walked over and had a visit with John and Linda and took these photos of the new lambs and the yearling calves.

lambs#1Wandering back to the house, I stroll by the flower gardens and can’t help but pull a weed and pick a bloom.

It’s probably a good thing I have some deadlines to keep me focused. With that in mind, I thought I’d share an update.

YearlingsI’m very close to finishing the companion piece to Awakening, which is Jackson’s story. The title is The Gift: Betrayal. I’m starting to think about covers and need to line up editors and beta readers. It’ll be a push, but I’ll try to have it published this fall.

primulaI’m also excited to be presenting a workshop on indie publishing which I’ll be delivering in a fifty-minute format at the Creative Ink Festival in May, and in a three-hour format at the Denman Island Readers and Writers Festival in July. My goal with both workshops is to provide participants with a better understanding of what to expect before, during and after publication.

magnolia bloomOn the audio front, the excerpts for the first three books are now done and live. You can find them here: Awakening  Revelation  Redemption. There have been mixed reviews, and making them is far more time consuming than I imagined, but it’s a lot of fun and I’ll be going forward with recording the excerpts from Penance and Betrayal.

My other writing projects aren’t getting a lot of writing time, but they’re never far from my thoughts and percolate on the back burner while I clear the deadlines.

Farmer John

Gentleman Farmer John

Meantime, boxes of books are arriving as I stock up for the year.

Enjoy the warming weather. Until next time …

The Gift Legacy is enjoying some fabulous 5-star reviews. See what the fuss is about. Get your own copy of Awakening with one click right here!
Or click on the images below for more purchase options.

New_cover_for_The_Gift:_Awakening   Cover_for_Revelation   WindStorm_Edition_Book_Cover_For_The_Gift:_Redemption   The_Gift:_Penance_Book_Cover

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Writing and Wellness Features J.P. McLean

If you’ve a writer or other creative person, and have not yet discovered Colleen M. Story and her blog Writing and Wellness then you’re missing an interesting and valuable resource.

Her site’s mission statement is “Writers and other creatives need to stay well to keep producing the work they were meant to do.”

Pretty good fit, I’d say. And today, Colleen is featuring me on Writers on Wellness.

“When I think of physically challenging jobs, I imagine professional athletes, construction workers, or firefighters. Writers…not so much…”

But when back pain sidelined my writing, my gardening and even my ability to sit comfortably, I revised my thinking.

So, though writing may not fit into an expected definition of physically challenging work, sitting for long periods of time, no matter how fit you are, is asking for trouble…

To continue reading, go on over to Writers on Wellness and check out!

Rest and relaxation is a key component of Wellness. There’s no better way to relax than by reading. Click here to get Awakening, or for another selection, click the covers below:

New_cover_for_The_Gift:_Awakening   Cover_for_Revelation   WindStorm_Edition_Book_Cover_For_The_Gift:_Redemption   The_Gift:_Penance_Book_Cover

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