I learned Something Interesting Today

I’ve been trying on this new straightjacket called Book Promotion, but it doesn’t fit very well.  I much prefer writing fantasy fiction to writing press releases, but I’ve learned something in the process:  it does have a purpose other than to frustrate novice writers like me.

For example, as part of the marketing research, I went through the exercise of identifying who the target market is for The Gift, Awakening.  Next came brainstorming where this highly discerning market congregates or shops.  Somewhere in this process I was directed to do some research on the book’s competition.  That’s where the interesting bit that I learned came in.  The Gift Trilogy is classified as an Urban Fantasy Thriller.  The Urban Fantasy genre often draws from other genres, like Mystery or Romance so the fact that mine is also a thriller isn’t unusual.  What is unusual is that mine doesn’t have a vampire, werewolf or alternate universe in sight.  Not that I don’t enjoy those elements – I do (just check out my Goodreads page) – I just didn’t write about them in my book.

So … maybe all the frustrating struggle with the straightjacket is worthwhile.  Maybe it helped me identify my book’s “Unique Selling Point.”  Apparently that’s very important.  And it might not be much, but it’s a start!

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About JP McLean

Author of The Gift Legacy, a contemporary thriller with a twist of fantasy that will leave you believing the impossible and wary of the night sky…
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