I’ll be Home for Christmas

Try as I might to relax and get into the Christmas spirit, mundane distractions keep me on edge.  The roaming dust bunnies; the dead seasonal plants that litter the front porch; the compost that still needs to be emptied and spread so I can free up the primo twirly composter for new kitchen scraps … oh so important with potato peels, Brussels sprout leavings and turnip refuse on the way.  Adding to the TTD list is promoting the first book, nudging the second book along on its way to publication and completing the third all-important final installment in the trilogy.  Yikes.  I could use an elf or three.

Far more meaningfully-employed and less time-challenged friends all around me are chuffed with delight at the sight of their finely decorated trees and homes.  These friends have already dispatched their Christmas gifts to far-away places.  Their Christmas baking is neatly packed in pretty tins; their turkeys are already on ice.  Receiving their perky Christmas cards makes me want to throw up my hands in defeat.  I’m insanely envious.

This will be the third Christmas since I embarked on the project that has become the all-consuming Gift Trilogy.  In 2010 it was still a fresh endeavour and I busted my butt to make the holidays happen without a glitch.  2011 saw the new, and decidedly not improved me, beg off of all but fireplace mantel decorations and a plug-in pre-decorated tree.

This year I’ll endeavour to find a better balance.  I’ve laid out the gifts that need to be mailed and found boxes that fit (I’ll post them this week).  I’ll schedule a day late in the week to clean the house then decorate al la Martha.  I’ll groom the dogs and write out the Christmas dinner shopping list.  Christmas cards won’t happen; Christmas baking is on the back burner and Molly-maid will only do a drive-by, not the usual dust the ceiling fan-type of job, but that’s the path to sanity for me these days.

Eventually the dust bunnies will be corralled, the composter will give up its gold and Christmas will happen with all the tinsel and turkey trimmings.  But the new me includes writing, so somewhere along the way a twitter or blog post will roll out; the second book’s cover art or a catchy tag line will be born; and assuredly, the third book will continue its journey to completion.

So, here’s to enjoying the holidays with friends and family, good food, some nog and a laugh or two while keeping the mundane to a dull roar.  I’ll still write – it seems to be a part of me now – but I’ll also decorate and cook and wrap and drink to the good health and happiness of all my better-organized friends.


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About JP McLean

Author of The Gift Legacy, a contemporary thriller with a twist of fantasy that will leave you believing the impossible and wary of the night sky…
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