Impulse Purchase

We were at Liquidation World last week because we heard they had good prices on airless tires for our wheelbarrow. Why you ask? Well, apparently the wheelbarrow tire we have now has so many wild rose and hawthorn holes in it that it makes a better sprinkler than a tire. Now I know you’re saying, well then, don’t you already have an airless tire? Indeed we do, but the “airless tire” the husband was looking for, was the sponge-like variety that will never, ever again leak air and require his attention.

Anyway, I digress. While the husband was checking out airless tires, I spotted a beautiful blue/green pot that I thought would look nice on our front porch. We don’t need a pot that would look nice on our front porch, but it was on sale and it matched the new siding, which was last year’s major project. Alas, there was no price sticker, so while the husband was otherwise occupied, I inquired as to the lovely, blue/green pot’s, on-sale price.

While the clerk looked it up, I wondered what price would be the right price? Would I buy it if he said $75.00? No, I think not. We don’t need a blue/green pot, even if it does match the new siding.

Then he said it was just $35.00.

Oh dear! Now I had a dilemma. Not only was the lovely blue/green pot (that we didn’t need) reasonably priced–some would say cheap, but the clerk informed me that it wasn’t just a lovely pot. It was a lovely pot that included a water feature; one of those numbers with the bamboo spout and a wee pump the size of your thumb. I imagined a tiny pond; something into which you could drop a lily pad or some other aquatic plant, which I know nothing about.

Blue_green_Fountain_Pot_with_water_featureHow could I resist? The husband didn’t even roll his eyeballs when I handed over the cash, he just trundled our new blue/green fountain pot, that we don’t need, out to the truck.

It’s now situated on the porch. It’s been washed, filled with water and, I’m happy to report, sounds just like a tiny babbling brook. I closed my eyes and smiled, picturing a forest creek with river rocks and overhanging boughs dripping moss…

And then it hits me…

Don’t we already have running water from October through April? Of course we do – we live in a rain forest. It rains a lot. In fact, isn’t that babbling brook of a pump reminiscent of the water that dribbles through our gutters and into our downspouts for most of the year?

What was I thinking? As I write this post, I can hear the water in the pretty blue/green pot babbling away. It sounds like someone is peeing on the porch. Forget the lily pad – I’m going to buy some soil and pot up something quiet and dry – a cactus appeals to me for some reason.

Do you have an impulse purchase you want to fess up to?


About JP McLean

Author of The Gift Legacy, a contemporary thriller with a twist of fantasy that will leave you believing the impossible and wary of the night sky…
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3 Responses to Impulse Purchase

  1. Emily says:

    Vinylmations from Disney. All the time.


  2. Mine are too many to list!!


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