How Now Brown Cow?

I’m in an interesting phase of the writing process. It’s the world-is-my-oyster phase; the time between writing projects. I’ve finished writing Book III of the gift trilogy, Book II is about to be published, but as I learned after I finished writing Book I, the ideas don’t just stop because the book’s done. They flood in, rudely interrupting thought and sleep and other moments they really shouldn’t.

But this time around, with the trilogy complete, the possibilities are even bigger. How now brown cow visual frameDo I start a brand spanking-new project or continue with Emelynn’s story in the trajectory in The Gift? Do I continue writing in the fantasy thriller genre or do I change genres? What about the narrative? Do I continue with the first person POV, or switch it up with multiple POVs?

There are so many possibilities and so few hours in each day. What to do? It’s a time of asking questions, researching and brainstorming.

What would you do next?


About JP McLean

Author of The Gift Legacy, a contemporary thriller with a twist of fantasy that will leave you believing the impossible and wary of the night sky…
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4 Responses to How Now Brown Cow?

  1. Wendy Keeler says:

    Well, I’m looking forward to seeing Emelynn and Jackson on the big screen!


    • JP McLean says:

      Ooh, I like how you’re thinking, Wendy (and from your lips…) Happily, it’s not the first time I’ve heard someone say it would make a great movie. Wouldn’t that be something?


  2. I’d like to see a murder mystery set locally incorporating local historical background. Or maybe pick up Emelynn’s story five years hence. Or…


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