Just in Time for Summer

Another post? Already? Yes, well, the crow rant last week was a rare second weekly post for me (and a necessary purge). This one, only days later, is for a much happier event; an occasion that can’t wait. If I don’t tell you about it, I’ll burst.

I’m thrilled to announce that Book II of The Gift Trilogy has been released. The title spent a scant forty-eight hours on the FriesenPress “Coming Soon” page before flitting over to their “Hot Off The Presses” page. I’m still pinching myself.

Being an indie author, the “release date” drama is somewhat of a muted affair. I’ve written about this before (Please Release Me) so I won’t repeat myself. But I’m excited to tell you that the book is now available at Amazon.ca, Amazon.com, Kobo and FriesenPress. The 25,000 other retailers, from whom you’ll be able to order it, including iBooks, Chapters-Indigo and Barnes and Noble and Nookbooks, will be along shortly.

Here’s the Book Jacket Blurb: Dangerous Alliances… In Revelation, there’s no turning back for Emelynn Taylor, newly awakened flier still discovering the powers of a gift she can barely control.

Secrets unravel like threads from a dark shroud … a magical book … friends who are not what they seem … a powerful faction with claims on Emelynn … a  Machiavellian plan with her at its brutal center.

Threatened by a mysterious and terrifying enemy, Emelynn forms an uneasy alliance with another flier she doesn’t trust. She must risk everything to thwart an evil scheme and save her covey. But at what cost?

Book Cover for The Gift: RevelationThe First Reviews are in:

Another Winner for JP McLean… Amazon Review, June, 2013

JP McLean does not disappoint!… Amazon Review, June, 2013

A great read…JP McLean does it again!… Amazon Review, June, 2013

Find a comfortable chair… June, 2013

Your feedback, as always, is most welcome. Now I think I’ll go take a nap.


About JP McLean

Author of The Gift Legacy, a contemporary thriller with a twist of fantasy that will leave you believing the impossible and wary of the night sky…
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4 Responses to Just in Time for Summer

  1. Mike Grant says:

    Wow…reviews like that are earned!!! Good on ya JP!!!


    • JP McLean says:

      Thanks Mike. I’ve picked up a few tips since the first book came out. One of the best tips was simply to ask early readers for reviews. The result was a pleasant surprise. I feel very fortunate.


  2. Mary says:

    Gee (one of the Cornerstone gang) put me on to reading your first book. While I cursed her because nothing got done in my life until the book was done, I also thanked her,and now, thank you. I love a good read! Can’t wait to read the next one!


    • JP McLean says:

      Hi Mary. Thanks so much. You made my day and I’m glad you enjoyed it. The second book is a bit darker. It’s out now and I’ll tuck some copies in my bag for my visit to the Cornerstone in mid-July.


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