Fogged in


Full moon through the fog.

I’ve been squirreled away again. Granted, it’s easy to hunker down in lousy weather—like this dense fog that’s enveloped our part of the coast for the past ten days—but it’s not good. The burrowing in, that is, especially when I’m so narrowly focused.

Multi-tasking is something I know I can do; I routinely prep carrots for two meals and onions for three; I weed and fertilize while I set aside seedlings for next year’s plant sale; and I’m guilty of putting phone calls on speaker so I can make a bed or iron while catching up.

So, why is it that when the proof for my latest book comes in, my world stops rotating while I attend to it – and pretty much nothing else? I barely make time to eat and sleep. It’s a little bit crazy, I have to admit. What is it about me and writing that bring out this single-minded behaviour? No—don’t answer that!

I’d read somewhere that women were excellent multi-taskers. If this conclusion was arrived at through averaging, then I must apologize to womankind for lowering the average.

The up-side to the crazy, is that Redemption, Book III of The Gift trilogy, is back in the hands of the publisher and only weeks away from publication. I can’t wait!

And wait until you see the cover. Gifted artist, Viona Halim has, once again, painted a suitably ominous scene for Redemption’s cover. It’s breath-taking…and I’ll reveal it as soon as the fine-tuning on the title lettering is complete. The first people to see it will be the newsletter subscribers, so sign up now, if you haven’t already.


About JP McLean

Author of The Gift Legacy, a contemporary thriller with a twist of fantasy that will leave you believing the impossible and wary of the night sky…
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