The Wait is Over

And just in the “St. Nick” of time!

Book-Cover-for-The-Gift:-RedemptionThe Gift: Redemption, the third book in The Gift Trilogy, is now available. You can find it on-line, for download, or you can order it from over 25,000 booksellers.

Thank you for all your encouragement and support over the past few years. Writing the trilogy has been an unexpected and thrilling adventure for me. I hope you enjoy reading the books as much as I enjoyed writing them.

It’s now time for you to return your trays to the upright and locked position, fasten your seat belt, and enjoy the flight!

Available right now at:

FriesenPress  Barnes and Noble

Coming soon to:   Kindle, iTunes, Chapters-Indigo and Kobo.

ISBN   eBook:               978-1-4602-3649-9            $5.99
             Paperback:       978-1-4602-3647-5       from $18.99
             Hardcover:       978-1-4602-3648-2       from $27.99
Published by FriesenPress, 8½” x 5½”, 328 Pages, Black and White

The Gift: Redemption is the stunning conclusion of J.P. McLean’s whirlwind trilogy set on the coast of British Columbia. Having barely survived a brutal attack by a murderous psychopath who coveted her gift, Emelynn Taylor seeks peace with her unruly powers and a new beginning. Instead, she collides with intrigue and becomes the target of faceless terrorism.

When the escalating violence spreads to the inner circle of her covert community, powerful figures within it surrender to paranoia, and Emelynn uncovers a tyrannous conspiracy that threatens to expose the gift and all those who share it.

With no way out, Emelynn must face her worst fears and gather all her strength to protect those she loves . . . and she must do it alone.


About JP McLean

Author of The Gift Legacy, a contemporary thriller with a twist of fantasy that will leave you believing the impossible and wary of the night sky…
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