Molly Gets Her Groom On

What do I do besides make up lies I call fiction?

One of the things I’ve gotten very good at since I started writing is prioritizing…also known around here as putting things off. I’d delegate, but for some reason that rarely works for me.


Molly Shaggy Dog

Take grooming the dog, for example. Molly was due for a clip at Christmas, but with all the company and cooking and such, well, I figured another week or two wouldn’t hurt. She got a brush and a bath and we made it through Christmas.

After Christmas we had more visitors and then I had to make a trip out of town. Those excuses worked wonders for a few more weeks. Then conveniently, the Cave Master himself had to go out of town. I managed to weasel another two weeks out of that one. Last month’s snowfall granted me another reprieve, despite the rolling eyeballs when I explained that it was just too cold for a clip.


Molly Pretty Girl

But eventually, even I couldn’t ignore the whispers of, “You can’t see a thing, can you girl,” and the oft-repeated, “aren’t you a shaggy dog.”

So the ever-so-patient Good Golly Miss Molly Dalai Lama got her groom on.

Whether you’re prioritizing, procrastinating, or one of the lucky ones delegating, be sure to spend some of your new free time reading. You can order The Gift: Awakening with one simple click here. Your adventure awaits…

About JP McLean

Author of The Gift Legacy, a contemporary thriller with a twist of fantasy that will leave you believing the impossible and wary of the night sky…
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6 Responses to Molly Gets Her Groom On

  1. Mike Grant says:

    I’ve got a rabbit that has needed claws clipped for about a month now. I still have the scars from the last time I did it…


  2. Wendy Keeler says:

    I think Molly Shaggy Dog looks pretty darn cute. Maybe just an eyebrow trim would have bought you a few more weeks.


  3. Sally Rae says:

    Good Golly, that is a sweet Miss Molly!! I’ve got a couple of Standard Poodles ‘long’ overdue for a clipping. This may motivate me through shame!!


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