Frog Whispering


Cottage on the Manitouwabing River

Well, maybe not frog whispering so much as frog herding, but I’m adding it to my CV. The cute little critter hopped into my sister’s ground floor entry while I was unloading the car. I would have stopped to snap a photo, but my bedroom was just around the corner and as much as I like frogs, I really didn’t want to sleep with the fella.


Herbie’s Point

After frog whispering failed to coax him on his way, I tried frog wrangling. He promptly peed on my hand and slipped out of my grip to hide behind a chest. That’s when I resorted to frog herding. I could have used my sister’s help, but she was busy laughing at me from upstairs. Thankfully, with a gentle nudge, he eventually found his way back outside.


Broadbent Sunset

And the frog was just the start of my Ontario holiday visit with family and friends in Muskoka’s cottage country. My time in Ontario is short, so we make the best of it. We roasted marshmallows over bonfires, cruised the river a time or two, and enjoyed a glass of wine with the sunsets.

And once again, I was honoured to be invited to read at the McKellar Public Library. Maxine, Joan, Jackie and Pat made me feel at home, and they’ll welcome you as well because this library is all about community.


On the Big Billboard

I’ve written about it twice before (2013 and 2014), so won’t repeat it here except to say you won’t find another library around where your library card will get you a book, a fishing rod and tackle! So if you find yourself on Highway #124 passing through McKellar, be sure to stop in for a visit.


Paradise Lake Dock Spider

This year, I made a side trip to Halibuton to visit a cousin who’s building a home on Paradise Lake. What a beautiful spot! Their claim to fame may be the biggest dock spider on the planet – kind of reminded me of the disembodied hand named Thing from The Addams Family TV show.

Soon enough, my Ontario visit came to a close, and on my way home I dropped by Barrie for a visit with great friends, a garden tour and an impromptu porch reading. It was a fine way to end my holiday.


Bonfire on Paradise Lake

As always, it’s good to get away and just as good to get home. I’m unpacked now and all caught up on laundry and emails. Best of all, I’m digging back into my writing projects. Yes … that’s an “s” on the end of projects, and I can hardly wait to share them with you.


New home on Paradise Lake


Barrie Garden Tour


Barrie Porch Reading

Until then … get your own copy of my latest book, Penance, with one click here.

About JP McLean

Author of The Gift Legacy, a contemporary thriller with a twist of fantasy that will leave you believing the impossible and wary of the night sky…
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4 Responses to Frog Whispering

  1. Nice to hear about your travels. Funny about the frog. I would’ve liked to have seen the picture of that library sign larger in your post. So so nice!!! And they give out fishing rods. Who would’ve thought?


  2. olganm says:

    It sounds as if you had a great time. I remember previous posts about the library. What a wonderful place. I’m very intrigued about your projects, as I remember you mentioned them in your guest post in my blog and you were trying to decide…


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