New Publisher for The Gift Legacy

The_Gift_Legacy_HeaderIn my last post I referenced some exciting news that I am now able to share. It gives me great pleasure to announce that the first three books of The Gift Legacy will soon be re-released by WindStorm Press.

In the coming days, Awakening, Revelation and Redemption will be temporarily pulled from the market. It’s a necessary step as the books change hands from one publisher to the next.

When the books are re-released, they will have updated covers. Viona Halim, the original cover designer, remains connected to the project, so expect those ominous seascapes to be featured.

If you’re looking for first editions, get them while you can. Awakening’s first edition is on its way to the vault. Editorial review on Revelation and Redemption is still incomplete, but I expect they will also undergo a nip and tuck.

Revisiting these books has been an interesting experience. It reminds me that every writer is a work in progress. Each offering improves our craft, and The Gift Legacy will sparkle with the effort of the review.

I can’t wait to share them with you!

First editions are going fast. Grab them here while you can: Awakening, Revelation, Redemption.

Legacy Poster no text 600 px wide


About JP McLean

Author of The Gift Legacy, a contemporary thriller with a twist of fantasy that will leave you believing the impossible and wary of the night sky…
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8 Responses to New Publisher for The Gift Legacy

  1. Diana Stevan says:

    Congratulations!!! Wahoo!!! Looking forward to seeing your new covers.


  2. denmaniacs4 says:

    A big step, my friend. Congratulations.


  3. Bianca Bowers says:

    Fabulous news!! Congrats, JP. Onwards and upwards 👍


  4. Sally Rae says:

    Congrats JP! Sounds like many hours of work went into this. Looking forward to the new cover art!


  5. olganm says:

    Great news! And I’m pleased to hear that Viona will remain involved, as I love the original covers. Looking forward to your updates!

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