Paying the Couch Surfing Piper

Howling-wind-&-rainThe sideways rain is here again. The wind paints the windows in a revolving display of fir needles, leaves and arbutus bark. Miss Molly and I both prefer the comfort of the couch in weather like this.

But the windy rain is just my latest excuse for sitting on my derrière. When I’ve been inactive for too long, my back protests, which happened a few months ago. It prompted me to re-ignite my cardio routine at the gym. I try to keep it to twenty minutes a day so it doesn’t become a chore. It works like a charm and keeps my back ache at bay.

Miss-Molly-on-the-sofaThen, a couple of days ago, a friend suggested I join her for a different kind of workout. I figured a change in routine would be good. She likes Jillian Michaels’ twenty-minute workouts, which fits my “not a chore” criteria. There are four workout levels on this CD. We chose the first level—the one for beginners. I felt pretty good going in with my twenty-minute cardio down pat.

Ha! Jillian stomped on my sad cardio prep (and I think she was smiling sadistically). I didn’t make it through the measly twenty minutes without rest stops, plural. I tripped over my own feet, lost my balance and couldn’t hold the plank position for more than a few seconds. Afterward, muscles I only pretended to use before that, let me know the truth. Foolish me, I went back for another run at it the next day and before I crawled into bed, my hamstrings, stomach and derriere each made their protests known.

On day three, I had to go shopping off island. Thank god. Laughing hurt, sitting down hurt, getting up was worse, even walking hurt. I had a number of stops to make, and getting in and out of the car hurt. The most memorable stop was Home Depot. I was looking for an oddball piece of hardware and saw something promising on a bottom shelf. Bending down to look was tenuous, squatting proved impossible. I ended up on all fours, and the promising item didn’t even pan out. I had to pull myself up on the shelving, which hurt because I was laughing.

Today is day four and I’m going back for more. I will get through that damn routine if it kills me. You hear that Jillian!

You know what’s not a workout and doesn’t hurt a bit? Awakening. It’s back and it’ll sweep you up effortlessly. Click here to get your own copy, or for another selection, click the covers below.

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About JP McLean

Author of The Gift Legacy, a contemporary thriller with a twist of fantasy that will leave you believing the impossible and wary of the night sky…
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8 Responses to Paying the Couch Surfing Piper

  1. Bianca Bowers says:

    You know the old adage, JP, “no pain, no gain” 😊
    Working out is good. You might even find that it starts to trigger writing inspiration. Well done for sticking with it.
    Oh, and that windy weather looks enviable 😍

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  2. Inese Poga Art plus Life says:

    I adore your persistence. You certainly have the willpower to overcome physical obstacles. I used to be good at some sports and activities, but after that accident I’m thankful, I can walk, at least most often. I don’t think, however, hard exercising is too helpful. I also believe that keeping one’s activity to the level they can afford without hurting themselves is better. It’s nice to be in a good shape. I am an example of how one stays very slim and in an acceptable shape without being able to exercise at all. I wish you good weather so that you can spend more time outdoors!


  3. olganm says:

    I love Jillian Michaels. I have some of her DVDs, although I discovered her through the You Tube channel Be Fit, and I have some of her workouts on my Kindle too (even the ones that are not cardio heavy are hard…). I try and do around an hour a day, and yes, even with that I still hurt with some of the exercises. I follow a number of You Tube fitness channels (Jessica TV is quite good and has a big variety of types of workouts and levels), and the guys in Fitness Blender are very good at offering options and giving sound advice.
    Everything can be a challenge though, and it’s good to try different things. I’ve tried the barre exercises, that when you look at them don’t seem very hard (like pilates), and let me tell you, I discovered muscles I’ve never known existed!
    Keep going!

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  4. gmroeder says:

    Thank you so much for your “Likes” and Comments on my WordPress. When you come to Nanaimo can we meet at the library? I love to see you, get to know you and I like to tell you all about our experience with the book machine! Happy New Year to you! Giselle

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