Does This Recording Make My Voice Look Fat?

I’m miles outside of my comfort zone, in an entirely different format, as a matter of fact. I’ve decided to try my hand at audio recording. After all, I’m often invited to read from my books. It’s in that light that I decided to record audio editions of the excerpts from all four books in the Gift Legacy series.

How hard could it be?

Let’s just say it’s been an eye-opener.

I now have a much deeper respect for voice actors who are able to switch up their voices in a variety of ways to speak for different characters. I don’t have that knack. Nor, apparently, do I have the ability to read a simple sentence with the same intonation three times in a row over a very short span of time.

But it has been fun, despite stealing time away from my writing. I’ve learned a lot about mics (dynamic is the type you want for voice recordings) and boom stands (rental is much less expensive than you’d imagine) and Audacity, an incredibly easy to use and free software program that I would highly recommend for audio recording.

Awakening for Audible 1563x1563And though I may never do more audio recording than these excerpts, it’s been an incredible experience.

Click here to hear the excerpt for The Gift Awakening. I’m working on The Gift Revelation right now, and the others will following in the coming days. I’ll put up a link on the “excerpts” page when I’m done.

I would love to hear your opinion of the recording. Whether you find it pleasant, are indifferent, or hear nails on chalkboard, leave your comments below.

If you’re more of a “reader” than a “listener,” get your own copy of The Gift: Awakening with one click right here.

About JP McLean

Author of The Gift Legacy, a contemporary thriller with a twist of fantasy that will leave you believing the impossible and wary of the night sky…
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23 Responses to Does This Recording Make My Voice Look Fat?

  1. I think you sound great! And no one but the author herself knows how those words she’s written should sound. Congratulations!

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  2. denmaniacs4 says:

    An excellent audio read, JP. It “philed” the airwaves quite handily. I would suggest a few more seconds of seagulls at the beginning and the end. They seemed to end somewhat abruptly. But, that’s me and my love of the the sound of our feathered friends.
    As for the fat voice thing, I would say “full and rich with just the right modulation.”

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  3. Karen says:

    This is excellent, Jo-Anne! You definitely know how to read for an audience. You mastered the ups and downs nicely. (Our cats also approved; they are used to being read stories in English, Spanish, French and German and – they love your voice’s ‘melody’.)

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  4. Wow! You sounded great! I imagine that must be difficult. I’d have to hire someone, as I hate the sound of my voice. That took me back to when I read your book a few years ago! I was instantly hooked.

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  5. Lockie Young says:

    I thought you sounded great. The flow was good, easy to listen to, and I loved the first chapter. Great job JP

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  6. Pat says:

    That was great, Jo-Anne! I love being read to, but appreciate the difficulties, especially after being in demand for reading to my little grandson, who is less critical than an adult. Your voice is soothing and inflections are managed well. Good for you for stepping out of your comfort zone!

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  7. For he record, your voice does not sound fat! 😂 I love hearing your voice – it’s fantastic! This is a great idea, and wonderful new skill to add 😘

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  8. Sally Rae says:

    Your voice sounds great Jo-Anne, don’t bother with a voice actor. I’m always impressed at how you push yourself outside your comfort zone and succeed! A job well done!

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    • JP McLean says:

      Thanks Sally. I was playing around with Audacity today and figured out how to alter my voice using their software. Not sure it addresses those critiques, but it’s a hoot, for sure. Perhaps I’ll post some comparisons just for fun.


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  10. Inese Poga Art plus Life says:

    You have a very attractive voice which matches your good looks. However, I know how strange our own voice can seem when it is recorded. I personally find your voice very suitable for reading. I also think that it is advantageous you read these books.


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    And of course, thank you for your sweat!


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