You know that feeling?

Crabby_PantsLike you’ve been shot from a cannon, stumble to your feet, and then catch your breath as you look about and wonder, “What now?” Yeah, that feeling.

I’ve been working on Book V of the Gift Legacy series for a year and a half (had to go look that up), and on Tuesday, I wrote the final scene. Since then, I’ve been fumbling around not quite sure what I’m supposed to be doing.

Yellow_HoneysuckleDon’t get me wrong – there’s no shortage of editing, re-writing, and writing to do, and let’s not get started on house cleaning, weeding, laundry, etc. (no really – let’s not get started!), but after eighteen months of concentrating on this one project, having it done feels … I don’t know … airy.

WisteriaEach time I finish writing a book, it feels different. I wrote about it here. I feel good about this one. Optimistic. Excited.

I think I’ll take a week off and play in the garden. I might even clean the windows so I can see the garden when I get back to writing.

Book V is called The Gift: Betrayal. It’s Jackson Delaney’s story. I’ll tell you all about it next time. If you’ll excuse me, I hear the garden calling …

And what better way to enjoy your garden, than from a hammock reading your own copy of Awakening, the book that started it all? Get it with one click right here!
Or click on the images below for more purchase options.

New_cover_for_The_Gift:_Awakening   Cover_for_Revelation   WindStorm_Edition_Book_Cover_For_The_Gift:_Redemption   The_Gift:_Penance_Book_Cover


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Author of The Gift Legacy, a contemporary thriller with a twist of fantasy that will leave you believing the impossible and wary of the night sky…
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18 Responses to You know that feeling?

  1. And what a tremendous garden it is! Congratulations on finishing! I need to get to work myself. 😀

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  2. denmaniacs4 says:

    Thought you might find this interesting…there I was…flying around google when…

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  3. gmroeder says:

    Aaah, you lucky girl! Finished another book – take a breather, a little holiday! I am still doing that and the longer it takes the less I want to go back to writing. Hard enough to do my blogs…to keep my name alive. Congratulations! Need a proof reader? I finished one book and haven’t started on another… Cheers,

    *Giselle Roeder* Follow my blog at or on Amazon ; and on Twitter @GiselleRoeder1 Author of: *”We Don’t Talk About That”* – Autobiography, 2014 *”Forget Me Not”* – Bouquet of Stories, 2015 and more…

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    • JP McLean says:

      Thank, Giselle. I do feel lucky. I’m still a few steps away from proofreader phase, but when I’m there, I’ll touch base. Hope you regain your writing oomph real soon.


  4. olganm says:

    It’s a weird sensation but I have it too (and used to when I was preparing for important exams. I was so eager to finish and then, suddenly when that’s all you’ve been doing for a long time… And with my PhD. That was three years… Perhaps it’s worse with characters in a series…)

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    • JP McLean says:

      Oh my – three years! I think that more than qualifies for a long project. I’m sure it felt great to be done, though. And now you get to use those experiences in your writing. Bonus!


  5. Diana Stevan says:

    That feeling about being shot out of a cannon, don’t think so. But good analogy. Congratulations! That’s quite a feat. Book five. Wow! And yes, enjoy the garden. I’ll look forward to seeing this cover.

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  6. Five books! That is five books more than most people ever write. Congratulations on a great achievement. This series deserves to be made into a movie.

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  7. Nigel says:

    I completely understand taking a break from a long project. It allows you to clear you mind, unwind and refocus. However, as an avid fan of the Legacy series, please don’t take too long. 🙂 I’d to have the opportunity to be a proof reader if that’s possible,

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  8. Congratulations on finishing another book. Truly awesome 🙌

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