Trick or Treat or Toadstool

The monthly calendar is looking pretty thin with just two pages left in the year. Where did October go?

ToadstoolWe don’t see many ghouls or goblins at our door but Halloween inspiration pops up in expected places, like pathways. This toadstool is far too spooktacular to be a mere mushroom.

October started off with a roar, 12th man roar, that is. We attended the Seattle Seahawks vs Indianapolis Colts game at Century Field. It was my first live football game and it was so much more fun experienced from the stands. The crowd is named the 12th (wo)man because there are 11 players on both offense and defense. The Seahawks 12th are the loudest in the league and I can now attest to that.

Clear Plastic BagOne thing I wasn’t counting on was not being able to take my purse into the game. Security no longer allows purses, only wallets into the stadium. I had to buy a clear plastic bag, transfer my purse contents into it, and pay for a locker to store the purse until after the game. And even then, when I went through security, they wouldn’t allow me to take in my binoculars’ vinyl 5″ pouch. I had to toss it. I hope I can find a replacement for it. The security people told us this is or will be the new norm for stadiums across the US, so be prepared!

Rake and leavesBack home, fall weather has set in. The crab apple tree and russet leaves are providing the exercise, and blazing fires in the evenings are providing the warmth.

In writing news, the outline for the final book in the Gift Legacy series is now roughed in and I’ve started writing. But … given Awakening started as a one-off then grew into a trilogy which morphed into a series, I feel I need to qualify final: I’m writing the last planned book in the series.

Happy Halloween!

And when you’re tired of raking leaves, take a load off and escape into Emelynn’s world. You can get your own Kindle copy of Awakening with one click right here.
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About JP McLean

Author of The Gift Legacy, a contemporary thriller with a twist of fantasy that will leave you believing the impossible and wary of the night sky…
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8 Responses to Trick or Treat or Toadstool

  1. Great spooktacular toadstool. So excited about your upcoming book. You are amazing, churning out one thrilling story after the other.

    I also like the idea of those blazing fires. We have our fireplace on too. And have been raking leaves today. Now off to see what the goblins are up to. Happy Hallowe-en!

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  2. Sally Rae says:

    That is a great looking toadstool!! Congratulations on your upcoming ‘final’ book and as for the never ending leaves… I too have been raking and gathering them for winter garden mulch. Happy Halloween!

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  3. Good luck with the book!!

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  4. You’ve picked a good time for writing. Writing a book next to a warm fire place sounds cozy. I don’t have a fireplace here, but that is something great when it gets cold. Cold like in Canada.
    Security is tough in the US, well, it should be. I am avoiding flights via USA not to have to go through such security because I usually need so many medications and supplies with me onboard.
    It’s nice you liked the game, that makes it up for items sacrificed to security.
    We have snow tomorrow, maybe you have some already, too.
    Good luck with the book!

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    • JP McLean says:

      I liked the snow a lot more when I when I was young and didn’t have to drive in it. The snow that fell here last week is all gone now. Looks like it might be a heavy-snow kind of year!


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