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Skidding in to May’s Home Plate

Who else has a teaming inbox? A mess of chores begging for your undivided attention? A to-do list that would choke a horse? Making matters worse, the warming weather draws me outside to luncheons, farmers’ markets, farms, and farther away … Continue reading

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Crawling into the Twenty-first Century

Cell phones are like leaf blowers to me: convenient, but obnoxious as hell. Call me Cro-magnon, but I’ve never seen the appeal of being reachable 24/7. I resisted having one until a road-side breakdown in 2000 convinced me I should. … Continue reading

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Paying the Couch Surfing Piper

The sideways rain is here again. The wind paints the windows in a revolving display of fir needles, leaves and arbutus bark. Miss Molly and I both prefer the comfort of the couch in weather like this. But the windy … Continue reading

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Got Crabs?

Ah, the first crisp days of fall. Refreshing brisk morning air. Brightly coloured leaves rustling underfoot. Glossy red crabapples adorning the lawn like jewels. I could use a bit of exercise, I think, having been sequestered too long behind a … Continue reading

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Playing Whack-A-Mole with a Trilogy

Every time I sit down to write this post, another trilogy whack-a-mole pops up and I race off in search of my mallet. Those “moles” are hidden in more cubby holes than I’d imagined, though I shouldn’t be surprised, after … Continue reading

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It’s Not Over Yet

Every year about this time I hear a familiar lament; a harbinger of doom. All it takes is a few drizzly days at the tail end of weeks on end of hot sunshiny weather. The Ned Starks of the neighbourhood … Continue reading

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Impulse Purchase

We were at Liquidation World last week because we heard they had good prices on airless tires for our wheelbarrow. Why you ask? Well, apparently the wheelbarrow tire we have now has so many wild rose and hawthorn holes in … Continue reading

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