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Battling Weeds and Plot Holes

Yesterday, I gathered my knee pad, gloves and garden tools and set out to dig in the dirt. I crawled under one of the dwarf apple trees, and settled in to do battle with a regiment of weeds that had … Continue reading

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My Train of Thoughts Reviews The Gift: Betrayal

What a day! The sun’s shining, the temperature outside is almost warm, and there’s a new 5-star review of The Gift: Betrayal on Karen Oberlaender’s My Train of Thoughts blog. So happy to share it. Source: The Gift: Betrayal (The … Continue reading

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The Freight Train Called Summer

Summer is thundering by like a freight train, leaving backyard parties and BBQs in the din of its wake. Thankfully, it still has a full head of steam with miles of summer ground yet to travel. And what a glorious … Continue reading

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Molly Bids Adieu

We said goodbye to our sweet Miss Molly yesterday. If I ever make it to those pearly gates, I’m going to have a word with someone about the lifespan of dogs. It’s far too short and I’m not sure my … Continue reading

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Would you get married on Friday the 13th?

Superstition holds that Friday the 13th is the unluckiest of days, but is it? I know one couple who would disagree, at least as far as weddings are concerned, and they tell me they had their pick of church and … Continue reading

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Happy Hot Toddies!

Another Christmas Eve has arrived. The tree is up, the wreath is hung, and the shopping is done. December 24th is my favourite day of the holidays. For me, it’s the calm before the storm; a quiet day to enjoy … Continue reading

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Susan Toy Turns Two!

Well … maybe not Susan herself, but her Reading Recommendations site is celebrating two fabulous years! One of a writer’s most difficult jobs comes after the writing is done. It doesn’t seem to matter which publishing path you choose, discoverability … Continue reading

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On Summer, Cherries, and Shoulds …

Look at those cherries! Man, what a crop. It’s been a fabulous spring – biggest, sweetest cherries ever! And now spring is behind us and the cherries are already gone. Even these long perfect days of summer will fly by … Continue reading

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Christmas and Odds & Sods

Miraculously, five days before Christmas, I find myself in the position of having some free time. Not sure how that happened. Somehow the parcels got wrapped, mailed, bagged, and tagged; the vacuum and dust mitt performed a slap and dash; … Continue reading

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In Praise of Indie Book Stores…

Here’s a sight dear to my heart and one I never imagined I’d see: All three of my books on the shelf at Abraxas Books here on Denman Island. I took this photo after the third book came out and … Continue reading

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