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February Has Lost its Mind

Last month when I wrote An Uncommon Winter, I had no idea that February would charge in and dump a 20-year record snowfall on us. Clearly, February has lost its mind, or at least its bearings. One of our ornamental … Continue reading

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Crawling into the Twenty-first Century

Cell phones are like leaf blowers to me: convenient, but obnoxious as hell. Call me Cro-magnon, but I’ve never seen the appeal of being reachable 24/7. I resisted having one until a road-side breakdown in 2000 convinced me I should. … Continue reading

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The Freight Train Called Summer

Summer is thundering by like a freight train, leaving backyard parties and BBQs in the din of its wake. Thankfully, it still has a full head of steam with miles of summer ground yet to travel. And what a glorious … Continue reading

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A Spring Update … and Bleating Lambs

Warm days with the kiss of summer test my resolve to keep my butt in the writer’s chair. Across the road, the bleat of new lambs draws me to the fence to try to catch a glimpse of their antics. … Continue reading

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Got Crabs?

Ah, the first crisp days of fall. Refreshing brisk morning air. Brightly coloured leaves rustling underfoot. Glossy red crabapples adorning the lawn like jewels. I could use a bit of exercise, I think, having been sequestered too long behind a … Continue reading

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My Storage War

Fall is the season for burrowing in. We pull out the winter woollies and move the summer clothes to storage. Warm flannelette replaces crisp cotton, stew replaces salad, and the deck furniture gets scrubbed and put into storage. By put … Continue reading

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Late Sunsets and Long Days

I took this pic last night at 10:15. The sun was just setting. Did I mention it was 10:15? At night? It’s not even the longest day of the year yet. That’s why I took the photo. I thought it … Continue reading

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In Praise of Indie Book Stores…

Here’s a sight dear to my heart and one I never imagined I’d see: All three of my books on the shelf at Abraxas Books here on Denman Island. I took this photo after the third book came out and … Continue reading

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Spring Fever Melt-down

Each year around this time, I suffer Spring Fever. It starts with the return of the robins and quickly ramps up as snowdrops and aconites break through the cold winter soil to show their bright, sunny faces. The fever hit … Continue reading

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Dishing up Frustration

Moments ago I signed out of Twitter in a fit of frustration. Not with Twitter—with our Internet connection. I couldn’t open a link to save my life. As much as I love living on a small island, it has its … Continue reading

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