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Battling Weeds and Plot Holes

Yesterday, I gathered my knee pad, gloves and garden tools and set out to dig in the dirt. I crawled under one of the dwarf apple trees, and settled in to do battle with a regiment of weeds that had … Continue reading

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My Train of Thoughts Reviews The Gift: Betrayal

What a day! The sun’s shining, the temperature outside is almost warm, and there’s a new 5-star review of The Gift: Betrayal on Karen Oberlaender’s My Train of Thoughts blog. So happy to share it. Source: The Gift: Betrayal (The … Continue reading

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Who’s That Blogger? JP McLean

The Book Club Mom sure knows how to fire up my Saturday. It’s a real treat to have my blog featured today on her blog. Want to know why I blog? Check it out. Thanks, BCMom! Source: Who’s That Blogger? … Continue reading

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Smorgasbord Christmas Reading – The Gift: Betrayal (The Gift Legacy) by JP McLean

My corner of the world is very wet this time of year, and Mother Nature is outdoing herself this fall. It has rained on 51 of the last 56 days on the BC coast. Sunshine is but a vague memory … Continue reading

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Release day for The Gift: Betrayal

The latest book in the Gift Legacy leaves home today. It’s interesting how each book crosses that threshold with a personality. The first one, Awakening, was shy and tentative; Revelation, the second one, sprinted through the gate like a colt … Continue reading

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Endorsement for The Gift: Betrayal

With The Gift: Betrayal’s release just days away, I thought I’d share another testimonial. This one is from Elinor Florence, who is not only a tremendous writer, but also an incredibly dedicated researcher. I am very proud of the work … Continue reading

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Let’s Celebrate!

To celebrate the Honourable Mention that The Gift: Awakening received from the Whistler Independent Book Awards, I’ve put the book on sale. For the first time ever! Get The Gift: Awakening for 99¢US/$1.33 Canadian. It’s a limited time offer, so … Continue reading

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Testimonial for The Gift: Betrayal

When an author has a new book coming out, they often ask another author they respect and admire for a testimonial. It’s a small stamp of approval that gives readers confidence that the book is worth their time. Today, I’m … Continue reading

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Cover Reveal … The Gift: Betrayal

It’s ready, and I’m thrilled to share it with you: the cover for The Gift: Betrayal. It was designed by Katarina Meglic, a local graphic designer. She’s done a tremendous job of matching the mood and style of the other … Continue reading

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Honourable Mention for Awakening!

Psst? Have you seen the shiny bronze medallion that now graces Awakening’s cover? Last weekend I travelled to the Whistler Writers Festival where the Whistler Independent Book Awards were announced. I’m thrilled to tell you that Awakening earned an Honourable … Continue reading

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