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Battling Weeds and Plot Holes

Yesterday, I gathered my knee pad, gloves and garden tools and set out to dig in the dirt. I crawled under one of the dwarf apple trees, and settled in to do battle with a regiment of weeds that had … Continue reading

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February Has Lost its Mind

Last month when I wrote An Uncommon Winter, I had no idea that February would charge in and dump a 20-year record snowfall on us. Clearly, February has lost its mind, or at least its bearings. One of our ornamental … Continue reading

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An Uncommon Winter

It’s been an uncommon winter here on Denman Island. The ground froze for 6+ weeks, which is an unusual state of cold we normally count in days, not weeks (No need to roll your eyeballs – we know we’re spoiled … Continue reading

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Christmas Travel Challenges

Do you ever have one of those mornings where you wake up with a leisurely stretch and wonder how you’re going to fill your day? Yeah, me neither. Especially this year. Busy doesn’t even have a seat at the kiddie … Continue reading

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Release day for The Gift: Betrayal

The latest book in the Gift Legacy leaves home today. It’s interesting how each book crosses that threshold with a personality. The first one, Awakening, was shy and tentative; Revelation, the second one, sprinted through the gate like a colt … Continue reading

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Endorsement for The Gift: Betrayal

With The Gift: Betrayal’s release just days away, I thought I’d share another testimonial. This one is from Elinor Florence, who is not only a tremendous writer, but also an incredibly dedicated researcher. I am very proud of the work … Continue reading

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Let’s Celebrate!

To celebrate the Honourable Mention that The Gift: Awakening received from the Whistler Independent Book Awards, I’ve put the book on sale. For the first time ever! Get The Gift: Awakening for 99¢US/$1.33 Canadian. It’s a limited time offer, so … Continue reading

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Testimonial for The Gift: Betrayal

When an author has a new book coming out, they often ask another author they respect and admire for a testimonial. It’s a small stamp of approval that gives readers confidence that the book is worth their time. Today, I’m … Continue reading

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Cover Reveal … The Gift: Betrayal

It’s ready, and I’m thrilled to share it with you: the cover for The Gift: Betrayal. It was designed by Katarina Meglic, a local graphic designer. She’s done a tremendous job of matching the mood and style of the other … Continue reading

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Honourable Mention for Awakening!

Psst? Have you seen the shiny bronze medallion that now graces Awakening’s cover? Last weekend I travelled to the Whistler Writers Festival where the Whistler Independent Book Awards were announced. I’m thrilled to tell you that Awakening earned an Honourable … Continue reading

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